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Clay Sculpting

Clay Sculpting

The presentation and demonstration of the techniques will obey to a chronological sequence, to progressively increase the complexity and to stimulate the challenge. The goal is that the participants have a direct and intensive contact with clay and its techniques.
In the first part of the session, ancient techniques will be addressed through the simple conformation of small containers, to prepare the participants to how to deal with the basic principles of the potter's wheel.
In the second part of the session, that will occupy most of the workshop’s duration, we will address the basic steps of the potter’s wheel, which include the centering of the clay, opening, throwing and finishing small open and closed objects.
Between techniques, an historical context is given, examples are observed and discussed, and some curiosities are also mentioned regarding the Neolithic revolution and clay, the geological origin of the materials, the connection between the four elements, the clay firing and all inherent processes.
The finished pieces will be delivered two weeks after the workshop.

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