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The Winemaker Experience
Bottle Blending Workshop

Bottle Blending Workshop

With this unique 3-hour experience you will get the opportunity to create a wine perfectly tailored to your preferences! We will provide you with information and training, our high-quality wines and all the required equipment, the only thing you need to bring with you is your creativity.

Our team of expert winemakers will support you throughout this process, teaching you how to distinguish between the different grape varieties, explaining what you should be looking for in a wine and offering their advice on how to blend the wines in different combinations and proportions.  

After the guided tasting you will understand what impact all of this has on the character of the wine, its nose, its flavour. And with all this newly acquired knowledge you will then aim to achieve something truly special, something you can proudly call your own wine.

To make it even more personal, you will be able to bottle the wine, label it and seal it with cork yourself, getting the satisfaction of holding your own creation in your hands!


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Barrel Blending


Rent a Vineyard


Own a Vineyard


The Vines

Become a real winemaker deciding how to blend, age and bottle your own full barrel of wine.

Follow your own grapes from the vine to the bottle by renting a plot of our vineyards.

Be a proud owner of a house that comes with a vineyard, giving you a chance to make your very own wine!

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