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Art and Wine

Art and Wine

The main symbiosis existing at Quinta dos Vales!

Art and wine have always had a close relationship, but they have never been closer than at Quinta dos Vales Wine Estate where stunning sculptures can be enjoyed together with high quality award-wining wines. In several garden locations you will find an exhibition of well over a hundred pieces in different styles, materials and sizes, some up to 6,5 m in height.
Find out in this section about the inspiration behind the art, and the process starting from the first idea until start of realization. 
We see a direct interdependence in the development of art as in wine. Like wine, art is developed with heart, care and precision. As art and wine have always formed a close symbiosis it was obvious for us that these cultural aspects have to be brought together. Karl Heinz Stock, the driving force behind this Wine Estate, has always been a part-time sculptor for 20 odd years and found with the estate a perfect combination to exhibit his extraordinary and sometimes provoking art pieces and to create at the same time attention for his wine venture.
Art should have, in principle, no limits; neither political nor cultural and also allow to express ideas which would not have been possible in less democratic societies. In this respect art has and always had an important social and political role. It crosses borders without asking for permission, makes the impossible possible, creates a link between nations, allows a common language without words, does not know friends or enemies and is not limited by gravity, logic or man made limitations.
You can also download our art brochures below for a more in-depth read.


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