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Artist and Philosophy

Artist and Philosophy

Find out in this section about the artist himself, the inspiration behind the art, and how it's made.

The ideas behind our unique art are the same that drive the evolution of wine, both are linked to the traditional but also explore new experiences, limits and directions.

Owner and developer of Quinta dos Vales, Karl Heinz Stock has long been an adventurous entrepreneur. And his skills aren't limited to business. Despite of his artistic touch, he likes however not to be named an artist but just as a developer, both in art and in business related ventures.

Art, especially sculpturing, has long been a quiet hobby of his, going right back to when he was taking his degrees in Economy. Whilst climbing the career ladder in the banking sector, he continued to use the medium of sculpturing to allow his creativity to flow. 

You may be surprised to learn that these sculptures have not always been a fixed collection at Quinta dos Vales. Beginning in 2009, there have been a total of 25 public and private exhibitions all over Portugal in venues like city centres and museums and televised on English, German, Dutch and Portuguese channels. These included the installations of Graces, the Elephant Tree, Reunion of the Bulls and also sculpture-painting installations created together with more than 30 participating artists, like Dance of the Bears and Passion.

To learn more about the artist you can download his CV below.

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