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The Winemaker Experience
Rent a Vineyard

Rent a Vineyard

Have you ever wished to have a perfect understanding of the intricate process of winemaking? Nothing can give you a better insight into this than actually experiencing the full winemaking cycle from the vine to the bottle. However, that usually involves the hassle of starting your own wine production, investing a fortune and trying to put together a team of experts to help you achieve the best result…

Not in our case! The goal of our team is to help you make winemaking an enjoyable hobby rather than a full-time job.

What we can offer you is a unique opportunity to rent a plot of our vineyard and work with vines that have been carefully taken care of by our experienced winemakers. Your involvement starts 6 months before the harvest, so not only do you make decisions in the winery, but also what quality procedures are undertaken in the field. After the harvest you decide what to do with them in all the further stages of winemaking: find your ideal blend, follow the aging of the wine, bottle it, design your own label and so much more!

And our team will always be there to guide you through every step, making sure you get the perfect wine in the end that you will be proud to call your own!


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Own a Vineyard


Bottle Blending Workshop


Barrel Blending


The Vines

Be a proud owner of a house that comes with a vineyard, giving you a chance to make your very own wine!

Blend your own high-quality wine, bottle it, label it and be proud of your creation!

Become a real winemaker deciding how to blend, age and bottle your own full barrel of wine. Coming soon...

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