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The Winemaker Experience
Barrel Blending Experience

Barrel Blending Experience

Being a real winemaker is now easier than ever.

Want to be able to create your own wine without investing too much of your time or money into your new hobby? We are happy to assist! Join us in a 6-18 month experience that truly is unforgettable.

A big part of the winemaker’s talent and skill is to be able to choose the right wines and to create a balance in the final blend, and with us every small decision on the way to a high-quality wine is completely up to you. Be it the grape varieties, the oak that is being used for your barrel or the time that your wine spends in a cellar – every little detail matters when it comes to achieving the perfect result.

The winemaker’s job is to mix, taste, mix another blend, follow the wine’s development, and all that until he arrives at what he wants, at a balanced end product.

That is what we want to help you do. With our guidance, you will end up with a full barrel of a wine that perfectly matches your taste. That equals 288 bottles, which should be enough to treat your family and friends – or continue the experiment, trying the wine at different stages to see how it progresses with time!


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Bottle Blending Workshop


Rent a Vineyard


Own a Vineyard


The Vines

Blend your own high-quality wine, bottle it, label it and be proud of your creation!

Follow your own grapes from the vine to the bottle by renting a plot of our vineyards.

Be a proud owner of a house that comes with a vineyard, giving you a chance to make your very own wine! Coming soon...

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