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COMPANY NAME: Quinta dos Vales - Agricultura e Turismo, Lda. ______________________________________________________ ADDRESS: Sítio dos Vales, Caixa Postal 112, 8400-031 Estombar, Lagoa (Algarve), Portugal __________________________ GENERAL MANAGER: Karl Heinz Stock __________________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY REGISTRATION: 17/11/1988 Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lagoa (Algarve) 502064773 _____ FISCAL/TAX/VAT NUMBER: PT502064773 ______________________________________________________________________________ RNT TOURISM ENTERTAINMENT AGENTS: RNT 113/2013 ___________________________________________________________ REGISTRIERUNGNUMMERN DER APARTMENTS: 19485/AL, 21236/AL, 21234/AL, 21231/AL, 53209/AL, 53221/AL, 53227/AL, 53216/AL

RNT Local Accommodation

19485/AL, 21236/AL, 21234/AL, 21231/AL, 53209/AL, 53221/AL, 53227/AL, 53216/AL

RNT Tourism Entertainment Agents

RNT 113/2013

Fiscal/Tax/VAT Number


Company Registration

17/11/1988 in Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lagoa (Algarve) under number 502064773

General Manager

Karl Heinz Stock


Sítio dos Vales, Caixa Postal 112, 8400-031 Estombar, Lagoa (Algarve), Portugal

Company Name

Quinta dos Vales - Agricultura e Turismo, Lda.

Where is Quinta dos Vales located?

The wine estate is located in the village of Estombar, between Lagoa and Portimão, in the Algarve.

How do I find Quinta dos Vales?

You can find directions in the Contacts section under "Location Map".

How do I find Quinta dos Vales?

You can find directions in the Contacts section under "Location Map".

What days are you open?

The wine estate is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm.

What days are you closed?

We are closed on Portuguese bank holidays, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Do I have to pay to visit Quinta dos Vales?

No, entry is free to all who wish to explore Quinta dos Vales' grounds. If you would like a guided tour of the wine estate, please contact us for prices.

Where can I park my car?

We have two large, free car parks at both entrance gates.

Are children allowed?

We welcome people of all ages. We offer plenty of activities to keep children occupied like feeding our farm animals.

Does Quinta dos Vales have a restaurant?

We do not have a restaurant, however we provide lunches and dinners for groups of 10 or more persons upon request.

What languages do you speak?

Our friendly staff are able to communicate in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German.

Is your facility wheelchair accessible?

Most areas at Quinta dos Vales are wheelchair accessible. We are happy to assist any disabled visitors.

What is in the area around Quinta dos Vales?

The wine estate is close to beaches, golf courses, shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurants and a marina.

Is smoking allowed on the premises?

Smoking is allowed in designated exterior areas.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes. Sign up today on our homepage.

Can I taste Marquês dos Vales wines before I decide to buy one?

Of course. We offer tastings in our FarmShop or for a more fun filled day why not book a wine tasting with a guided tour of our winery and cellar? More information in the Activities section.

Do you charge for a wine tasting?

We have 3 different Solo Wine Tasting options available at any time in our shop with prices depending on the choice of wine. For wine tastings that take place in our tasting room with a professional member of staff followed by a tour of our winery and cellar, please check prices in the Activities section.

What is the price range of your wines?

Depending on the range they vary between €5,90 and €49,00. But look out for special offers and promotions throughout the year.

What is the best temperature for serving wine?

As a general rule of thumb: Red wine, 65 degrees (F). White & rosé wine, 55 degrees (F). To get to those temperatures reds can normally just be kept in a cool cellar or cupboard. Whites and rosés can be put in the fridge for a few hours.

How long can I store wine?

Most of the worlds wines (at least 90%) are meant to be consumed young, so within a year or two of release. Sure some of these will get better in another year of two, and if you let that happen - fine. White wines are not generally cellared for long periods of time. Red wines can be and are cellared for longer periods of time. A lot depends on the type of grape and the vintage.

What is the best way to save leftover wine?

Leftover wine can be saved. The key point here is to keep oxygen away from the wine. Find a small container that will hold the wine that is left over to the point were the container is virtually overflowing (a 375mL wine bottle works well). Cap the container with a cork or plug so that some of the wine does spill out. This way you will have NO air bubbles in the container. Store the container in your refrigerator. When you are ready to drink it again, remove the container and let it warm up to the desired drinking temperature. You can store your wine this way for about 5 to 7 days. Another idea for cooks is to freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays, then transfer to air-tight freezer bags to use in sauces, and so forth.

Do you sell anything else besides wine?

We have plenty to offer visitors besides wine. We have a fantastic assortment of wine paraphernalia, glassware, and mementos. We also sell fruit right from our orchards when they are in season.

Where can I buy Marquês dos Vales wines?

Our wines are available for purchase in our FarmShop, from our online wine shop, and from selected supermarkets.

Do you sell Marquês dos Vales wines outside of Portugal?

Yes, we have distribution links in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, mainland China, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore. To find out more please contact us.

Can you deliver wine to my home?

Yes, we can. To get a quote for national or international shipping please contact us.

Does your wine contain sulfites?

All wines contain sulfites as they are naturally produced by fermentation. Almost all wineries, including Quinta dos Vales, also add minute amounts of naturally occurring sulfur to protect the wine from oxidation.

What type of barrels do you use for aging wines?

We only use the best French oak barrels on the market.

What time of year do you harvest the grapes?

Wine grapes are generally harvested anytime from beginning of August through to mid-October.

What is your total annual production?

Our current production stands at 85,000-100,000 litres of wine per year.

I want to get Marquês dos Vales wines on my restaurant's wine list. How do I order the wine?

We sell directly to restaurants where allowed and through distributors. For more information contact us.

Who do I contact for wine orders?

Please contact our Logistics Manager, Erhard Braun, through our contact form.

Will you donate wine toward our non-profit fundraising event?

Quinta dos Vales is proud to support local and non-profit organizations on an annual basis. Due to the overwhelming amount of donation requests received, we are unable to give to each event or organization. However do contact us to see what we can do.

What is included in your welcome package?

We offer all guests a carton of milk, 5L bottle of water, tea bags, coffee sachets, carton of orange juice, crackers and a bottle of our Marquês dos Vales wines.

Are pets allowed in the accommodation?

As much as we can appreciate the fondness for a pet, we do not allow pets in the houses.

Do you provide breakfast?

The houses are self-catering, however breakfast can be included during your stay if requested 24 hours before your arrival time. Our continental breakfast includes bread, cheese, ham or dry cured sausage, yoghurt, cereal, jam, coffee, tea, milk, fruit and fruit juice. Check our daily rates in the Accommodation section.

Do you provide extra beds and cots?

Upon request we can supply extra beds for children up to the age of 12 and baby cots free of charge. For children over the age of 12 please see our rates in the Accommodation section.

Do you provide high chairs for infants?

Yes, we do upon request.

Do we have to pay to use the estate's facilities?

The swimming pool, sauna and tennis court can be used by our guests free of charge.

What other perks do we get as guests of Quinta dos Vales?

We offer all our guests discounts in our FarmShop and on in-house activities.

Do you have a babysitting service?

We can organize a babysitter upon request 24 hours in advance.

How often does maid service come in?

Cleaning is done twice a week, towels are changed twice a week, bed linen is changed once a week.

Do you have room service?


Can children play around the estate?

Children can play around the estate but must be supervised at all times by their parents/guardians. We have a children's playground and animal area to keep them entertained.

If I want to use the tennis court do I have to bring my own rackets?

We have tennis rackets & balls available to use during your stay.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

Booking deposit 10% non-refundable Balance payment 30 days prior to arrival If cancelled up to 30 days before date of arrival only the deposit will be withheld If cancelled up to 14 days before date of arrival 50% of the total rental fee will be charged If cancelled later or no show 100% of the total rental will be charge

What activities do you offer during our stay?

For a full list of activities check out our Activities section.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Upon booking your accommodation you may pay by bank transfer or via PayPal. The balance may be paid upon check-out with any major debit or credit card.

Do the houses have Wi-Fi?

Yes, all accommodation units have wireless broadband access.

How close is Quinta dos Vales to the beach?

The nearest beach is Praia Grande in Ferragudo, only 7km away.

Is there a grocery store nearby?

Yes, there are a couple of grocery stores in the village of Estombar.

Can you arrange transportation from and to the airport for us?

Certainly. We are happy to book a taxi or minibus for you.

How do I get to Quinta dos Vales from Faro Airport?

Please see directions on our "Location" page in the Estate section.

What is the check-in/out time?

Our check-in time is from 3pm to 6pm and check-out time by 10am. If you would like a special check-in/out time please let us know upon booking your reservation.

What currency should we bring?

The currency used in Portugal is the Euro.

Is there a cash machine nearby?

Yes, in the village.

Can I book my reservation by phone?

Yes, our number is +351 282 431 036. Alternatively you can email us using our contact form.

How can I change my reservation?

By email or by phone.

How do I make a multiple room/group reservation?

It's best to call for these types of reservations.

When is the best time to visit the Algarve/Quinta dos Vales?

The Algarve averages 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.Winter (21st December to 19th March) is the best time of the year to grab “off season” bargains. Summer (21st of June to the 21st of September) is the hottest and the most crowded time of the year. Spring and autumn open and close the bathing season and are usually warm enough to take you to the beach if you get tired of exploring the many other enchantments the Algarve has to offer.

How far away are the restaurants from Quinta dos Vales?

The closest restaurant that we recommend to our guests is O Charneco situated in the village of Estombar.

Can we drink water from the tap?

The water supply comes from our boreholes. Although it is safe to drink, it can taste a bit minerally, so we provide a 5L bottle of drinking water in our welcome package.

Does the accommodation have a safe to store our valuables?


What services does the rental fee include?

The rental fee includes the space. If you choose any of our events packages we also offer the catering, tables, chairs, linens, tableware, and decoration.

Can I bring my own food or catering service?

Yes, of course. In this case we will only charge for the rental of the space and any other services requested.

Is the rental fee cheaper on any particular day?

Events booked from Monday to Thursday get a discounted rate.

Do you allow more than one event on the same day?

This is not common place but should two events take place on the same day we have the capability to ensure each is completely separated so as to not impose on one another and each party will have the undivided attention of a member of staff so everything runs smoothly.

What is your alcohol policy? Can I bring my own?

Quinta dos Vales has the exclusive right to provide wine. We charge by consumption and at a discounted rate. All other alcohol may be provided by the caterer.

Are there any restrictions we need to know about?

Music and sound licenses are arranged by Quinta dos Vales for each event at the local town council. These licenses have restrictions on the time music can start and must end.

Are there adequate toilet facilities?

There are two unisex toilets located between the Tasting Room and the Panoramic Terrace and four men's and four ladies' toilets in Cave de Bacchus. All are properly equipped for disabled people.

Can you accommodate disabled guests?

Quinta dos Vales was designed with disabled people in mind so there are ramps to access most areas. Where there are no ramps we will assist in whatever way necessary.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

To guarantee your reservation and confirm the date we require: 30% deposit upon booking, 50% 30 days prior to the event, and the remaining balance 10 days prior to the event. The following penalties apply for cancellations within these periods: Up to 30 days - 0% (booking deposit will not be refunded) Up to 10 days - 50% of total Less than 15 days - 100% of total

What methods of payment do you accept?

Upon booking your event you may pay the deposit by bank transfer or via PayPal. The balance may be paid upon on the day of the event with any major debit or credit card.

Can I create a customized menu for my event?

Yes, certainly. Just check out the options available on our catering packages in the Events section.

When do I need to let you know exactly how many guests will be attending my event?

In order to book the catering we will need to know the exact number of guests at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Can my guests park at Quinta dos Vales?

Yes, we have two large, free car parks near both entrance gates.

What is Quinta dos Vales' total capacity?

We can accommodate on the panoramic terrace and our adjacent wine tasting room in total 230 seated guests or above 500 for standing events and in our Cave de Bacchus 320 seated guests and 6-800 for standing events.

How do I book an event?

Please contact our Events Organizer, Maria Carvalho, using our contact form.

Can I visit the venue before I book an event?

Of course. We are happy to show you around our facilities. Just contact us to book a day to visit.

Is there anywhere me and my guests can stay after the event?

Yes, we have on-site accommodation subject to availability.

Will there be someone from Quinta dos Vales present at my event to assist if needed?

Yes, a member of our staff will be present at every event to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Can I decorate the facility how I like?

Yes. Our Events Organizer will give you detailed information regarding decorations. Please note that some sculptures around the estate are permanent fixtures and cannot be moved.

What sort of audio-visual equipment do you have?

We can provide speakers, a microphone, stereo system, projector, and screen.

Can I hold a business meeting at Quinta dos Vales?

Yes, our facilities are available for corporate functions.

When can I start setting up the venue?

All decorations and equipment must be delivered and set up on the same day as the event and removed at the conclusion of the event.

If I have booked an open facility what happens in case of bad weather?

In the event of bad weather, we will do everything possible to adapt to the event to another location. In some cases we already have measures in place such as the rain shields that open and close on the Panoramic Terrace.

Can I have a rehearsal prior to my wedding day?

Providing there is no other event on the day you plan for your wedding rehearsal, this is possible.

Where can I find the prices for your activities?

Please check the Activities section.

What is the minimum number of people required for any activity?

This depends on the activity. Please check the Activities section for more information.

Do I have to book an activity? If so how?

Activities that require our staff's presence must be pre-booked. Please contact Maria Carvalho by using our contact form.

How far in advance do I have to book an activity?

Whilst we appreciate bookings as far in advance as possible, please check the Activities section for required booking periods.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

Activities that involve any form of catering require a deposit payment. The balance is paid on delivery of our services. Please contact us for more information.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Upon booking your activity you may pay the deposit by bank transfer or via PayPal. The balance may be paid upon on the day of the activity with any major debit or credit card.

Do your meals have vegetarian options?

Our caterer is able to tailor menus to any special dietary requirements.

How much do the sculptures cost?

Visit our online art shop for availability and prices.

Can you make me a custom art piece?

Sure, this is possible but causes quite some efforts. You will have to calculate some months for the design and the first model(s). The final price for the original piece can be between 3.000 and 20.000 € depending on material and size. Further copies will then be significantly less expensive.

What do you mean by limited edition?

When we refer to limited edition pieces this means we have only produced a certain quantity of any specific sculpture and no more will be produced.

Can I have a sculpture painted a different colour?

Of course, this is possible. Please contact us. Then we can inform you which are the associated costs of the costumized paintwork. The sculpture must be sanded, a primer is applied and then the final coat, containing a sealant, is applied. This will take between 20 and 60 hours, depending on the size of the sculpture.

Do your sculptures have warranty?

But of course. If, within the first 2 to 3 years, a problem with one of the sculptures should occur, even if you keep them with care, then we repair it for free. If the sculpture is damaged due to lack of care, the repair will have an extra cost.

Are the sculptures suitable for the outdoors?

This is absolutely not a problem for the sculptures made of fiber glass or bronze. We have exhibited sculptures for years in Germany and Switzerland in the open air. Neither snow nor rain damage the sculpture, as long as the outer skin is undamaged. However, the small particles in the air, rain and sun will take its toll. With time, this leads to a slight fading of colour. If this is a problem for you, you may have it painted after 3 or 4 years. Ceramic sculptures should not be exposed to rain, snow or excessive sunlight. Not only they are designed for indoor use, but their size makes them a little bit more fragile.

Do I get a certificate of authenticity with my sculpture?

Yes, signed by the artist himself.

I am an artist and would like to collaborate with you. What do I need to do?

Please contact us using the contact form.

I would like to have some of your sculptures on display at my place of business. Who should I contact?

Please contact us using the contact form.

What makes Quinta dos Vales unique?

We are mostly known for our award-winning wines, but Quinta dos Vales is much more than just a winery. We have the largest permanent art exhibition in the Algarve, being in a countryside setting we provide a natural home for farm animal species, our emphasis on quality is also evident in our array of events facilities, we provide rural accommodation in a selection of apartments and villas, so all in all we are a multifunctional organism unlike anything else you will find in the Algarve.

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