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How much do the sculptures cost?

Visit our online art shop for availability and prices.

Can you make me a custom art piece?

Sure, this is possible but causes quite some efforts. You will have to calculate some months for the design and the first model(s). The final price for the original piece can be between 3.000 and 20.000 € depending on material and size. Further copies will then be significantly less expensive.

What do you mean by limited edition?

When we refer to limited edition pieces this means we have only produced a certain quantity of any specific sculpture and no more will be produced.

Can I have a sculpture painted a different colour?

Of course, this is possible. Please contact us. Then we can inform you which are the associated costs of the costumized paintwork. The sculpture must be sanded, a primer is applied and then the final coat, containing a sealant, is applied. This will take between 20 and 60 hours, depending on the size of the sculpture.

Do your sculptures have warranty?

But of course. If, within the first 2 to 3 years, a problem with one of the sculptures should occur, even if you keep them with care, then we repair it for free. If the sculpture is damaged due to lack of care, the repair will have an extra cost.

Are the sculptures suitable for the outdoors?

This is absolutely not a problem for the sculptures made of fiber glass or bronze. We have exhibited sculptures for years in Germany and Switzerland in the open air. Neither snow nor rain damage the sculpture, as long as the outer skin is undamaged. However, the small particles in the air, rain and sun will take its toll. With time, this leads to a slight fading of colour. If this is a problem for you, you may have it painted after 3 or 4 years. Ceramic sculptures should not be exposed to rain, snow or excessive sunlight. Not only they are designed for indoor use, but their size makes them a little bit more fragile.

Do I get a certificate of authenticity with my sculpture?

Yes, signed by the artist himself.

I am an artist and would like to collaborate with you. What do I need to do?

Please contact us using the contact form.

I would like to have some of your sculptures on display at my place of business. Who should I contact?

Please contact us using the contact form.