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Can I taste Marquês dos Vales wines before I decide to buy one?

Of course. We offer tastings in our FarmShop or for a more fun filled day why not book a wine tasting with a guided tour of our winery and cellar? More information in the Activities section.

Do you charge for a wine tasting?

We have 3 different Solo Wine Tasting options available at any time in our shop with prices depending on the choice of wine. For wine tastings that take place in our tasting room with a professional member of staff followed by a tour of our winery and cellar, please check prices in the Activities section.

What is the price range of your wines?

Depending on the range they vary between €5,90 and €49,00. But look out for special offers and promotions throughout the year.

What is the best temperature for serving wine?

As a general rule of thumb: Red wine, 65 degrees (F). White & rosé wine, 55 degrees (F). To get to those temperatures reds can normally just be kept in a cool cellar or cupboard. Whites and rosés can be put in the fridge for a few hours.

How long can I store wine?

Most of the worlds wines (at least 90%) are meant to be consumed young, so within a year or two of release. Sure some of these will get better in another year of two, and if you let that happen - fine. White wines are not generally cellared for long periods of time. Red wines can be and are cellared for longer periods of time. A lot depends on the type of grape and the vintage.

What is the best way to save leftover wine?

Leftover wine can be saved. The key point here is to keep oxygen away from the wine. Find a small container that will hold the wine that is left over to the point were the container is virtually overflowing (a 375mL wine bottle works well). Cap the container with a cork or plug so that some of the wine does spill out. This way you will have NO air bubbles in the container. Store the container in your refrigerator. When you are ready to drink it again, remove the container and let it warm up to the desired drinking temperature. You can store your wine this way for about 5 to 7 days. Another idea for cooks is to freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays, then transfer to air-tight freezer bags to use in sauces, and so forth.

Do you sell anything else besides wine?

We have plenty to offer visitors besides wine. We have a fantastic assortment of wine paraphernalia, glassware, and mementos. We also sell fruit right from our orchards when they are in season.

Where can I buy Marquês dos Vales wines?

Our wines are available for purchase in our FarmShop, from our online wine shop, and from selected supermarkets.

Do you sell Marquês dos Vales wines outside of Portugal?

Yes, we have distribution links in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, mainland China, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore. To find out more please contact us.

Can you deliver wine to my home?

Yes, we can. To get a quote for national or international shipping please contact us.

Does your wine contain sulfites?

All wines contain sulfites as they are naturally produced by fermentation. Almost all wineries, including Quinta dos Vales, also add minute amounts of naturally occurring sulfur to protect the wine from oxidation.

What type of barrels do you use for aging wines?

We only use the best French oak barrels on the market.

What time of year do you harvest the grapes?

Wine grapes are generally harvested anytime from beginning of August through to mid-October.

What is your total annual production?

Our current production stands at 85,000-100,000 litres of wine per year.

I want to get Marquês dos Vales wines on my restaurant's wine list. How do I order the wine?

We sell directly to restaurants where allowed and through distributors. For more information contact us.

Who do I contact for wine orders?

Please contact our Logistics Manager, Erhard Braun, through our contact form.

Will you donate wine toward our non-profit fundraising event?

Quinta dos Vales is proud to support local and non-profit organizations on an annual basis. Due to the overwhelming amount of donation requests received, we are unable to give to each event or organization. However do contact us to see what we can do.