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One of our bronze Bulls has found its new home in Germany!

One of our bronze Bulls has found its new home in Germany!

One of our bronze Bulls has found its new home in Germany. There are never more than seven copies of these sculptures produced, therefore each piece is considered an original.   
Creating a sculpture in bronze is a very complicated process, one which we cannot realize in our Atelier. We create the original sculpture and form a silicon mould of it. Subsequently we send the mould to Bilbao, in northern Spain, where specialists create a model in wax. The model is equipped with air ducts, after which a layer of ceramic powder is applied to the interior and exterior of the model.  
Once it has dried sufficiently the sculpture is placed into the furnace, where the wax melts away and leaves just the ceramic exoskeleton. The next step is to melt the bronze, while parallel to this the ceramic exoskeleton is heated up once again. The ceramic has to be absolutely dry, because if any remaining humidity would remain the ceramic would explode upon coming in contact with the hot bronze.
Once the bronze has been poured successfully and the sculpture has cooled down the encasing ceramic is broken away. After which another specialist goes to work, cutting away the air ducts with an angle grinder as well as polishing and chasing the bronze sculpture.   
If these steps were completed successfully the sculpture’s artist becomes involved once again, as the fine-tuning of the desired Patina is an important part of the art piece. The patina defines the final colour of the sculpture, a step that requires a great deal of delicacy.

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