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Novelties 2016

Novelties 2016

The new white and rosé wines of Quinta dos Vales – Marquês dos Vales e Dialog – have finally been bottled, and will be available to buy in the final week of March.
The whites, all of which are fruity and fresh, each express their own distinct characteristics. While some are more gastronomical, others are less structured, ideal to enjoy on an afternoon.
The intensive sun exposure during the maturation phase of the grapes presented a challenge. Because it meant that defining the right harvest date and the consequent balance of sugar and acidity content of the grapes was difficult. However, for the rosé wines it could not have gone any better. More sun means more sugar in the early maturation stages of the grapes, while the acidity level has not yet dropped that much. That is exactly what a perfect rosé needs. We only had to find the right timing to achieve well-balanced rosés, with an interesting hint of sweetness and a dry freshness, which makes rosés such an interesting summer drink.
The Selecta Reserva red 2011 is almost sold out, so an ideal time to label the new Selecta and Selecta Reserva 2012. Wines with significant more quality than is usual for an entry range, and ones which will surely be sold out in less than a year. A positive surprise we had this year is the return of the Grace Touriga Nacional, as the 2013 harvest has shown enough quality to bring it out as a monovariety.

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