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The new line - Dialog

The new line - Dialog

Quinta dos Vales’ wines have been brought onto the market under the name Marques dos Vales even before the current owner and team were in place. When the estate changed ownership the decision was made to keep the name, and the wines have thrived under the new and revamped Marques dos Vales brand.
However in 2014 a second range was created, under the name Dialog. Up until now there was only one label in this range, the Dialog 2011, a full-bodied red wine. This year we have added a further dozen wines to the Dialog range, expanding the total number of labels to 13 different wines. A variety of red, white and rosé, as well as a few specialties we have been experimenting with. Such as the Dialog Discretus, a white wine with which we stopped the fermentation process prematurely, the result is a wine with a higher than normal sugar content and a lower alcohol level. The final product is a refreshingly light desert wine.
The main motivation behind expanding the Dialog range has been to create more options for food-and-wine pairing. The new range is more gastronomical in the sense that it was designed and the blending was realized with the idea of matching these wines to Portuguese cuisine. This range won’t be found in any supermarket or retailer, the wines are designed to be consumed with a meal.
As is our custom we have linked the range strongly with our Art, the three entrance labels being Ursus, Elephantus and Hippopotamus, each label presenting an art piece of one of our iconic projects. In order to further highlight the core concept behind Quinta dos Vales: the symbiosis of Art and Wine.  

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