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Update on the 2015 Harvest

Update on the 2015 Harvest

One month after the harvest’s conclusion, the wines produced from the many different varieties are now in different stages of evolution.
White and Rosé wines are now beginning the tartaric stabilization. A process which, at Quinta dos Vales, is realized by cooling the wine down to -4°C. Thereby making the potassium bitartrate crystalize, which thereafter stick to the vessel’s walls.
Red wines from this year’s harvest can be at different stages of the process. Some of them are still in their malolactic fermentation, while others have already finished both fermentations and are beginning their ageing process in French oak barrels or in stainless steel vessels.
The white and rosé wines of the 2015 harvest will be released into the market in early March 2016. The 2015 Red wines, given their different evolution and ageing time, will most probably be released from 2018 onwards.

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