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New Wines

New Wines

In March we will have again a very busy period at our winery. The rosé and most white wines from the previous year will have completed their fermentation, passed the complicated analyzes and registration process with the authorities, the new labels will have been designed and approved and the "normal pre-release-stress" begins. Everything accumulates in the first week of March. The bottling has already been pre-ordered in November, because every winemaker will fill up the new wines during this period to have then ready for release beginning of April.
The young wines are ready to drink around the second week in January, then they must pass sensory and chemical tests and are then divided into varietal wines and blends. That sounds simple, but requires a lot of time and an experienced palate. Only then comes the bureaucracy and new test runs will begin. During this registration process, and re-analysis, we are busy designing the new labels and wine descriptions. With up to 10 different white and 4 rosé wines work is heavy. Now remains only a little time - the bottling dates are getting closer and cannot be moved- and the labels are already sent to specialized printers. The first sample prints are made, compared and approved, but only when the authorities have granted approval directly to the printer, the printing machine may start working. It may happen that the filling truck is already setting up in our winery and one of our staff is still on the highway to get the delayed labels from the printer.
With all this done, the wine may rest in the bottles for two to three weeks until it is finally released to restaurants and our customers can then enjoy our fresh wines in April. However, for some Whites such as the Grace Vineyard, you have to wait until at least May, because some varieties mature in oak barrels to give the wine a bit more aging potential and structure.

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