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A wide range of red, white and rosé wines, divided into eight different groups will live up to your expectations!

The brand Marquês dos Vales, used for wines produced by Quinta dos Vales, is constantly evolving and improving through precise production techniques and some flexibility in deciding on our final blends , with us always looking to provide the best end products to our consumers.
We currently produce 12 red wines, 16 white wines, 4 rosé wines and 1 liqueur wine.




Our input range - Selecta - consists of wines with moderately complex structure; they are fruity and very aromatic, and can accompany meals or be
savored alone.

Selecta Reserva




Our vineyards underwent significant processes of grafting and the planting of new vines so that we can now offer  Selecta Reserva wines. Neither the grape varieties nor the land used differ greatly from those used for the Selecta range, but the grapes themselves receive greater care and extra time in the cellar.

Primeira Selecção




Raising the bar of the already high quality standard of our wines , Primeira Selecção - Red, White and Rosé - feature harmonious flavors, with each revealing its own character. You will realize that you are at another level of scent and structure. Conoisseurs will be able to distinguish the scents and flavors that characterize each of our blends and varietals.





The first collectible edition produced by Quinta dos Vales, DUO is a fresh and elegant wine made from only two grape varieties which either combine perfectly or make such an unexpected mixture that an exciting combination is produced. This series is also available in three versions: red, white and rosé. You can collect 20 different labels inspired by the "Multi Faceted Globes" project. A project of this scale required the collaboration of more than 10 artists who between them painted fifteen 120 cm diameter globes and another five 160 cm diameter globes.

Grace Vineyard


grace vineyard


Our top blends come in the form of the superior wines Grace Vineyard Red and Grace Vineyard White. Both have earned a significant number of awards.

Elegant Grace




  Elegant Grace is an extremely subtle and fruity wine, ideal for people who love wines with few tannins and without too much toastiness.

Monovarietal Grace




As the name implies, our Monovarietal Grace is produced from only one variety of grape. Grace Touriga Nacional is an intense red wine; if your preference is white wine, you can choose between the new Antão Vaz, the sumptuous Grace Viognier, the delicate Grace Verdelho, the striking Grace Alvarinho and the refreshing Grace Arinto.








The Marquês dos Vales Frisante is an excellent fresh and fruity wine with fine bubbles, ideal to be enjoyed on hot Summer afternoons. You can choose the white Frisante in the varieties Verdelho and Alvarinho, or the rosé Frisante, whose freshness is entirely due to the Castelão.


 dig05112015.png   Vinified from Touriga Nacional, one of Portugal's typical varieties, this dry fortified wine of intense color reveals a rather complex aromatic range with a velvety palate, a good balance and a long, lingering finish.



du15072016.png   The sculptural members of the "Dança dos Ursos" project represent a new interpretation of the word "evolution". Dialog Ursus wines are fruity and uncomplicated.


de15072016.png   A range inspired by the project "Paixão" is the driving force which leads us to always try to achieve our best each day. The range Elephantus is made up of vibrant and complex wines.


dh15072016.png   This innocent caress conveys the feeling of devotion in its purest form, the same devotion we have in creating our wines. Dialog Hippopotamus are persistent, balanced wines.


dl15072016.png   The main image represents the dialogue of how union makes it possible to achieve more with better results. These are elegant and understated wines.

Monovarietal Dialog

dl215072016.png   The main image represents the dialogue of how union makes it possible to achieve more with better results. These wines are striking and unique.

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